Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Gordon Zolah resigned from a career as an officer in the Ottoman Asker before it even started. He was 23 years old when he proclaimed himself Voivod (warleader, cheiftan) of Kastoria in 1900, something which could not be entrusted to the locals (by the locals themselves), initially posing as an embittered sewing machine salesman.

In Ancient Greek mythology there were three hideous monsters, sisters, the Gorgons, whose heads were crowned with living serpents. Each serpent was a tentacle of the hellish brain from which it sprang. They had tusks like a boar's, their hands were made of bronze and they had golden wings. So terrifying were the eyes of the gorgons, that anyone who looked upon them was petrified.

Inspired by this Myth, it was around this time that Zolah formed The Subjinn Derivative Cult - Sons Of The Mother Of The Living Dead. Later to become known as The Gorgon Zolah's.

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